Published Papers

  1. Lin, C., Massa, M & Zhang, H. (2014). Mutual Funds and Information Diffusion: The Role of Country-Level Governance. The Review of Financial Studies, 27 (11), 3343-3387.
  2. Gong, X., Lin, C. & Zwinkels, R.C.J. (2016). Forecasting Crashes: Correlated Fund Flows and the Skewness in Stock Returns. Journal of Financial Econometrics, 15 (1), 36-61.
  3. Fang, L., Lin, C. & Shao, Y. (2017). School Holidays and Stock Market Seasonality. Financial Management, forthcoming.

Working Papers

  1. Inattention as a Limit to Arbitrage: Evidence from School Holidays” with Lily Fang and Yuping Shao, 2017
  2. Investor Sentiment and the Fragility of Liquidity, 2014

Work in Progress

  1. Journalist bias on news and price efficiency, with Massimo Massa and Hong Zhang
  2. Short Selling and Firm Repurchasing, with Stefan Obernberger and Patrick Verwijmeren
  3. Information Diversity
  4. Knowing What the Others Know: Revisiting the Disagreement-Return Relationship
  5. The ICO Mania, Increase in Risk Taking or Lost Of Trust in Traditional Financial Market